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singles Lab

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It is a challenge to meet single adults who want to grow in their personal and relationship skills.

Plus, with fewer friends in the same stage of life, you may feel isolated or a bit left out.

The Singles Lab is a chance to grow your relationship skills

while meeting like-minded, 30+ year-old singles in-person.


No more burnout from swiping endlessly.

No more dead-end "situationships".

Get out of your comfort zone and have fun

while connecting with other single adults who have similar values in life.


Date Opportunities Include:
Speed Dating |  Group Active Dates  |  Cooking Classes  |. Celebration Gala

Conflict Resolution & Past Baggage  Workshop |  Understanding Chemistry & Compatibility Workshop  |

Financial Growth Workshop

Image by Priscilla Du Preez

The Lab is for you if..

You want a monogamous, long-term relationship


You want to learn communication and relationship skills


You value close friendships & deep relationships


Maybe you're already taken, off-the-market, but you know of a really solid lady or gentleman who deserves to find love. Nominate them so that we can get them connected to solid singles in the community! Don't worry, they can always opt out if this isn't their thing.

Click "nominate a friend" below to submit their information!

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pre-launch gathering coming august 2024

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the story

You are done with swiping on dating apps.

You want shared values.

You want to build a life with someone.

You are willing to put in the work.

Let's build a relationship

with depth.

Friendly Conversation
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