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For Intimacy Mindset Makeover audio course

A practical audio course with guided activities

Girl...can I just say thank you! Your course was FIRE!


I thought everything you said was freaking phenomenal! Like I definitely have a new understanding of how to communicate more effectively. I really like the countries example. I love to travel and my boyfriend loves soccer so he knows a lot about countries. I really like the visual that you gave for the on/off switch and the palette. That visual itself helped me understand the difference in perspective. Like we don’t gotta go all the way but we can still pleasure each other.

- A

“The course is lovely!! Honest thoughts, I felt the information you gave was great and left me wanting more. The pace was great. I love the slides. Especially from a married woman’s perspective of wanting to have open communication with her husband with intimacy.


Well done!!!”

- J

“I opened this morning and my first response is ‘beautifully done’ - the graphics and professional appeal yet intimate - GO SIS!!!"

- S

For Live Zoom Workshops

Small gatherings of women discussing healthy intimacy

“Yes! It was so encouraging/reinforcing to hear you talk about God wanting us to be sexual people. You talked about sexuality being like a fire that needs a fire place. I feel like I’m working to reignite the flame after I dumped water on it. At one point, I couldn’t control it so I just turned it off. Ya know? I now find myself paying attention to my senses. I’m even having internal dialogue with myself about enjoying what I’m feeling and telling myself that it’s good to feel pleasure.

I don’t say a whole lot during our meetings because I usually have to digest things and process them before I have questions. Lol.”

- K

“You’re incredible. That was awesome. Thanks so much for this. Please do this again. I’m in a wives group. I’d love to invite them to one of these.”

“It was really good. I just finished talking with [my husband] about it. I love how you focus on making our sexuality and desire/pleasure about us. Not our spouses or on anything but us. It’s empowering. The tip of discovering my why was huge for me. I know that I’ve listened to social culture of making it all about whatever someone else needs or wants. That’s such a poor view of something that is mine and God-given. Something that is meant to be freely-given and offered in confident assurance of myself not what society has molded and talked it to be.

I was telling [my husband] that I need the recording. Ha! So  many good tips that I’ll need to watch and rewatch multiple times. I’m looking forward to it being posted!

- E

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