Sadé Ferrier, M.S.

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Get to Know Me in 12 Tid-Bits

I believe that sexuality offers us insight into our spirituality

I hate the smell of bananas, but love banana bread

C.S. Lewis and The Chronicles of Narnia books are theologically mind-blowing 

I have fun deconstructing sentences and language

I speak Spanish fluently

Sweet friend plantains are everything. Also, patacones

My favorite hobbies bachata dancing, girl's night out, and other fun activities that COVID won't allow

Daughter of Jamaican immigrants

I feel most anger towards sex trafficking and racial bias

Candles, tacos and unique dresses are my favorite impulse purchases

I'm a marriage and family therapist, and trained sex therapist

Pineapples, grapes and strawberries are gifts to mankind

I design websites for wellness professionals

My favorite thing to do in January is to get a new planner

I am very, very excited to get to know you!

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Coffee and Croissants

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