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Sade Ferrier, LMFT - My Intimacy Therapist

i'm sade jovanne

I work with couples and busy professionals who can't get unstuck from the "no intimacy" cycle.

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Soy Sadéterapeuta asociado de matrimonio y familia que se especializa en dinámicas relacionales y sexuales.


Me sentaré contigo en tu dolor, animarte en tus triunfos, desafiarte en tu crecimiento.


Mi asociación con usted se lleva en una de tres experiencias. Míralos a continuación, o haz clic en "aprender más" para profundizar en por qué hago esto por ti.



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Conéctese con otros seres humanos en un entorno pequeño y orientado a temas. Es una forma increíble de recibir tu ajá! momento.

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A veces, quieres hacer el trabajo en casa. Descargue contenido para apoyar su aprendizaje privado.

"Girl...can I just say thank you! Your course was FIRE!"

- A

"Yes! It was so encouraging/reinforcing to hear you talk about God wanting us to be sexual people. "

- K

“You’re incredible. That was awesome. Thanks so much for this. Please do this again. I’m in a wives group. I’d love to invite them to one of these.”

- E




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i'm excited to work with you and your relationship!

If you choose dating coaching, you can expect your coaching experience to be fun and eye-opening. I like to ask questions that help you consider things you've never thought of before, and stretch into a new way of enjoying intimacy.

If you choose sex therapy, you can expect a warm and welcoming environment to talk about topics that might make you feel shy - or even frustrated. I'll help you understand what problems are contributing to your intimacy issues, and together, we'll create a game plan to transform your sex life! We'll even integrate spiritually (if you'd like) to address shame-holding beliefs. Sex therapy is available online, in-person, and in intensive (two-day) formats.

Get ready to be encouraged and supported.

We're in this together now!

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